Awesome of the Day #2

My goal is to keep posting awesome things that I experienced on any given day, or just awesome things that exist. How this started and the inspiration for it is explained in my first Awesome of the Day post.

I will get right to it today. It was a pretty uneventful day aside from taking Edwin to the vet because I haven’t burned any money lately (I signed up for the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival a few hours earlier). In all seriousness, he has been drinking and peeing a lot lately, so we are waiting on some lab work to come in on Wednesday. Crossing my fingers that his only problem is that he is fat.

5. We cuddled so hard this morning. My favorite thing when I get up is to make some English Breakfast tea with some sugar and cream, and sit on the couch, and listen to podcasts while this dude snuggles with me. I’m a lot more proud of myself when I get a workout in first, but either way, this early morning time to myself while my mood is still positive…ish, is invaluable.

6. Facebook’s recognition of my new Photoshop obsession through targeted ads. They are calling what I am doing “art”.

7. This awesome comic a friend sent me after reading my previous post. Sounds like I’m in pretty good company in the Just OK Corral. Pretty much anything that makes me laugh will end up on the awesome list at one point or another.

8. Tracks in snow from very good boys or girls. I made myself leave the house and go for a walk yesterday.

Some runners-up on the awesome list for today are pictured above. I actually made myself a real dinner today- I haven’t been motivated to cook much lately, so that was pretty neat. The awesomeness of that donut is a bit dubious, but if I was new to earth and someone handed me some chocolate-covered fried dough to try, I don’t think I would regret it. Also, it was free.

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