Awesome of the Day #5

My goal is to keep posting awesome things that I experienced on any given day, or just awesome things that exist. How this started and the inspiration behind it is explained in my first Awesome of the Day post.

Going into the holiday weekend, here are some more things that are pretty awesome:

15. New socks. Also, reaching the level of cat lady where people automatically get you cat-themed gifts.

16. Dogs at work. There are so many. I fully support this type of workplace drama.

17. Sunlight through trees. It’s never NOT beautiful. Also walks and bike rides where I get to see the sunlight through trees.

Published by Veronika Hewitt

Writer. Cyclist. Cat Lady.

One thought on “Awesome of the Day #5

  1. Always nice to see a snow covered road! been raining here in PA for about 18 hours washing away yesterday mornings 2 inches of snow. cheers


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