Awesome of the Day #6

My goal is to keep posting awesome things that I experienced on any given day, or just awesome things that exist. How this started and the inspiration behind it is explained in my first Awesome of the Day post.

18. Moving through fresh snow, however slowly. Bonus awesome: This is one of the busiest times of the year here in the Summit County, and I saw no one for two hours. More awesome, the sunshine, and the fresh air, and the warming temps. Today was a bit rough emotionally, and I feel like I haven’t been outside much lately. I needed this.

19. Sun Cat. Look, I’m not sure how much manifestation or law of attraction or visualization actually works, but for a most of 2020, I was living in a basement lock-off with no natural light. While I was grateful for the space I had to myself, I was dreaming nonstop of getting a place of my own so that had windows and sunlight that Edwin could sleep in. Watching him in the sunshine is absolutely one of my favorite things.

20. Coming home after a long day. Coming home after a short outing. Staying home. Staying home when I thought I had to be somewhere but it was cancelled. Just being home, and at peace in my own space.

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