Harrisburg is Being Hot RN

It’s been approximately three years and six weeks since the last time I blew my life up. I was recovering from the initial shock of leaving my marriage and for the first time in over a decade, living with a roommate, with most of my things strewn between my new space (a tiny bedroom whereContinue reading “Harrisburg is Being Hot RN”

Awesome of the Day #6

My goal is to keep posting awesome things that I experienced on any given day, or just awesome things that exist. How this started and the inspiration behind it is explained in my first Awesome of the Day post. 18. Moving through fresh snow, however slowly. Bonus awesome: This is one of the busiest timesContinue reading “Awesome of the Day #6”

Awesome of the Day (the OG)

It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything here, but the way I’ve been feeling this year could be best summarized by a grocery store encounter I had earlier this morning (hooray, I left the house today) with an old coworker from years ago. Like 99% of all grocery store encounters, the niceties were forcedContinue reading “Awesome of the Day (the OG)”