Harrisburg is Being Hot RN

It’s been approximately three years and six weeks since the last time I blew my life up. I was recovering from the initial shock of leaving my marriage and for the first time in over a decade, living with a roommate, with most of my things strewn between my new space (a tiny bedroom whereContinue reading “Harrisburg is Being Hot RN”


I have been staring at the blank Word document for over an hour trying to come up with a clever way to describe my current situation and the events that have brought me to this exact moment of sitting at a kitchen table that looks nothing like my old one, without using lame bike racingContinue reading “Interlude”

The Wrong Gear # 2 – Cross Train

This blog series follows me, an extremely average cyclist, as I go all in to complete the legendary Leadville 100 race on a singlespeed mountain bike.  7 Weeks In: How tired am I? I made some tea to put into my thermos for work, only this time without the tea. It wasn’t until my lastContinue reading “The Wrong Gear # 2 – Cross Train”

The Wrong Gear #1 -Introduction

A few months ago, I read a 2017 article in The Atlantic, about a man who wanted to test a very interesting theory: Can deliberate practice of a skill, or a set of skills, allow an average human to achieve a high enough level of expertise that is usually reserved for those at the top of theirContinue reading “The Wrong Gear #1 -Introduction”